Who We Are

We are a software and analytics team, specializing in the development of web-based applications for collaboration, sharing information, and making decisions.

We’ve worked with clients all over the world – from startups to universities and business agencies.

Our products includes agricultural marketplaces, educational platform, ticketing platform and data analytics platform.

Our team is made of small and dedicated group of developers and data analyst, who measure success with client satisfaction and happiness.

In need of a custom-made web solution?

We will devise the solution, prepare the project specification, and then build the solution, taking your time and financial constraints under consideration. After the project is complete, we can provide further maintenance work if needed.

Whether you’re a startup on constant pivot, or have a set and stable plan and looking for long-time partners to implement it, we can adapt to the way you work.

Services we provide

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application backend development
  • Interactive and real-time web apps development
  • Multimedia content management, distribution and playback systems development
  • Integration with 3rd-party cloud services
  • System administration (cloud or dedicated servers) for the systems we built
  • Statistical data collection and analysis

Our best practices

Each project is different, and we’re small and flexible enough to adapt to the our clients’ preferred workflow. Wherever applicable, we strive to follow these practices that help us build better products:

  • We have mandatory code reviews,
  • Writing automated (unit, regression, acceptance) tests wherever possible,
  • Loosely following the Kanban process (we prefer results over processes though, and seek always to simplify the workflow),
  • Using continuous integration and deployment,
  • Clients have full access to the code repository and task tracker if they wish to,
  • No middle management, the developers working on the project communicate directly (and often) with the clients,
  • Understanding the problem through client’s eyes, not just from the technical perspective.

Technologies we are using

We build apps on top of Python/Linux web stack. Aiming to use the right tool for the right job, we’re experienced in various:

  • Python web frameworks; Django and Flask
  • JavaScript frameworks; jQuery, Nodejs and Backbone
  • Databases; MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • and the cloud; Heroku, Webfaction, Google Compute Engine, and Amazon Web Services.

We also build with Java and C/C++

Hire Us

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