HiScholar Online academic research publishing and repository portal built for Academic and Research. It is used by hundreds of students, teachers, university professors, researchers and others in academia to share and publish academic papers.

The portal is also used for live streaming of conferences and various other events.

On the frontend, we’ve used Twitter Bootstrap UI framework and FlowPlayer for HTML5 video playback with Flash fallback.

KABBU.NG  is transforming local logistics transportation by connecting qualified transporters who have underutilized capacity with customers. provides a platform for customers to book a Bus or Truck. It also features a “backend” for staff to check the booking Revenue.

We built using Flask/Python, PostgreSQL on the backend, and jQuery, twitter bootstrap on the frontend.

Uobis Ed

Uobis Ed  A multipurpose ed-screenshotschool management & student information solution used by educational institutions worldwide for administration purposes.

The site is built using Django. The majority of the work was on the backend, implementing myriad business rules related ticket procurement in various states of Nigeria, as well as advanced financial reporting.

On the frontend, we’ve used Twitter Bootstrap UI framework.


xhod-screenshotHDoc A multi-purpose electronic health record (EHR) and Health Portal  combines powerful clinical, financial and analytic technology with customizable features so providers and administrators can document encounters, bill and report the way that works best for them. designed with for clinics and laboratories in mind.

The solution is built using using Flask/Python, PostgreSQL on the backend, and twitter bootstrap on the frontend. 

 VAS Platform

A Flexible platform for mobile users to access various value-added services. The system is developed on Linux, based on Google Android platform. It is targeted at the mobile users in different cities. The system integrates mobile portal, customize services provided by Mobile Telecom Operators.

The solution is built using using Java, Python, PostgreSQL on the backend, and has SMPP Gateway as a front-end.

Analytical Vendors

Analytical Vendors is a mobile and web platform that combines rational and emotional decision making to help you make the best choice. The platform allows you to post a data analysis or statistical question, list possible answers and decision criteria, and then reach a decision, based on analysis of available dataset.

Statistics & Big Data Analysis , End-to-End Streaming Analytics Platform + Decisioning Applications for Marketing, Monetization, Network, Care, & Security

We created the backend API for the mobile app and a single-page rich web app that uses the same API. The backend is built using Flask and hosted on Linux, and the web app frontend is built using Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap.


netwhat-screenshotNetWhat A robust and scalable automated credit scoring platform finds patterns in the credit histories of groups of individuals based on credit bureau records and even social networks. All data used in automated mortgage credit scoring are historical.

NetWhat use statistical algorithm to predict how the majority of loans with common characteristics in a broad group of the population will perform in the future.

The solution is built using using Flask/Python, PostgreSQL on the backend, and twitter bootstrap on the frontend.